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Viewing Execution Logs in Katalon Studio is a simple process that can be completed in just a few steps. By viewing these logs, you can easily identify any errors or failures that occurred during your test runs. Additionally, this information can be used to help improve your tests and ensure that they are running smoothly.

Katalon Studio provides execution logs for every test run. These logs can be viewed from the Execution section of the Test Reports page, and provide information on what steps were executed, what passed/failed, and any errors that occurred. This is a valuable resource when troubleshooting why a test may have failed.

Katalon Log Properties

Katalon Log Properties:

  • Katalon provides a log file for every test run.
  • The log file is located in the /reports/log.html.
  • Katalon also allows users to customize logging levels and add new appenders.

Katalon Logs

Katalon Logs is a powerful logging tool that allows you to easily view, monitor, and manage your application logs. It provides real-time insights into your application’s activity, performance, and health. Katalon Logs makes it easy to find and fix issues in your applications.

Keywordutil.Loginfo() in Katalon

In Katalon, the Loginfo() keyword is used to log an information message to the console. This keyword takes a string as an input and prints it to the console. This is a useful keyword when you want to provide information about the current state of your test script or application under test.

For example, you might use this keyword to log the value of a variable or the result of a certain action. The Loginfo() keyword is part of the Katalon standard library, which means it is available in allKatlon projects by default. There is no need to import any libraries in order to use this keyword.

Katalon Log Level

Katalon Log Level is a setting in the Katalon Studio that allows you to specify the level of detail to be included in the log. This can be useful when troubleshooting issues with your tests. The available levels are:

  • OFF: No logging will be performed. This is the default setting.
  • ERROR: Only error messages will be logged. This can be useful if you want to minimize the size of your log file.
  • WARN: Warning and error messages will be logged. This can be useful if you want to see warning messages that might indicate potential problems with your tests.
  • INFO: Informational, warning, and error messages will be logged. This is the most verbose setting and can be useful for debugging purposes.
  • DEBUG: Debugging information will be logged along with informational, warning, and error messages .

Katalon Log Viewer

Katalon Log Viewer is a free, open source tool for viewing Katalon Studio Execution logs. It offers filtering and search functionality, as well as the ability to view log messages in real-time. Katalon Log Viewer is available for download from GitHub:

Once downloaded and installed, Katalon Log Viewer can be opened by going to File > Open Execution Log. A file explorer window will open, allowing you to navigate to the location of your execution log file. Once your execution log file is opened in Katalon Log Viewer, you will see a list of all test cases that were executed, along with their status (passed/failed).

You can click on any test case to view its details. The Details panel will show you the name of the test case, the date and time it was executed, the duration of the test case, and a list of all log messages associated with that test case. You can use the Filters panel to filter log messages by type (e.g., INFO, WARN, ERROR), date/time range, or keyword.

This can be helpful if you are trying to troubleshoot a specific issue. The Search panel allows you to search for specific text within any of the logged messages.

Katalon Studio Online Training

Katalon Studio is a powerful automation testing tool that enables you to test web applications, mobile apps, and API services. It provides an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to create and run automated tests. Katalon Studio also has many advanced features that make it a powerful tool for experienced testers.

In this blog post, we will provide an overview of the key features of Katalon Studio and how they can be used to help you automate your testing.

Learn Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is a powerful test automation tool for web, mobile, and API testing. It is easy to use and provides many features to help you get the most out of your testing. In this blog post, we will show you how to get started with Katalon Studio and some of its key features.

Getting Started with Katalon Studio Katalon Studio is available for free download from the official website. Once downloaded, launch the application and create a new project.

Give your project a name and choose where you would like to save it. In the next screen, select the type of application that you want to test from the drop-down list. For this example, we will be testing a web application so we will select Web Application under Web .

The next screen will ask you for the URL of the web application that you want to test. Enter the URL and click OK . Katalon Studio will now generate a basic script for your test case.

You can view this script by clicking on Test Cases > Default Suite > Test Cases > Hello World in the left panel. Now let’s try running our first test case! In the top menu bar, click Run > Test Case .

A new window will open showing the execution progress of our test case. Once it is finished, we can see that our test case has passed! Congratulations on running your first successful test case with Katalon Studio!

Katalon Academy

Katalon Academy is a website that provides online training courses for software testers. The courses are designed to help testers learn new skills and improve their existing ones. The courses cover topics such as test automation, performance testing, and mobile testing.

Viewing Execution Logs Katalon Studio


Where are Katalon Logs Stored?

Katalon Logs are stored in the “log” folder inside the Katalon installation directory. The location of this folder depends on your operating system:

  • On Windows, it is usually under “C:\Program Files\Katalon Studio”.
  • On macOS, it is usually under “/Applications/Katalon”.
  • On Linux, it is usually under “/opt/katalonstudio”.

How Do I View My Report in Katalon Studio?

Assuming you would like a step by step guide on how to view reports in Katalon Studio:

  • Open your project in Katalon Studio
  • Go to the “Execution History” tab and find the most recent execution
  • Double click on the execution

How Do You Debug in Katalon Studio?

Debugging is an important part of any development process. It allows you to find and fix errors in your code so that your program runs correctly. Katalon Studio is a powerful tool for automating web testing.

It also provides a comprehensive debugging environment that can be used to debug your test scripts. In this article, we will show you how to use the Katalon Studio debugger to debug your test scripts. We will also provide some tips on how to effectively use the debugger to find and fix errors in your code.

To start debugging your test script, simply click on the Debug button in the toolbar. This will launch the debugger and break at the first line of your code. From here, you can step through your code line by line.

You can also view the values of variables at each step. This can be very helpful in finding errors in your code logic. If you want to skip a section of code, you can click on the Run To Cursor button.

This will execute all lines of code up to the cursor position without stopping at breakpoints. You can also add breakpoints to specific lines of code so that execution will stop when it reaches those lines. To do this, simply click on the gutter next to the line number where you want to set a breakpoint.

A red circle will appear indicating that a breakpoint has been set at that location. Execution will now stop when it reaches that line of code so that you can examine what is happening more closely.

Chapter 1.2: Working With the Execution Log in Katalon Studio


If you’re working with Katalon Studio and need to view execution logs, this post will show you how. First, open the Execution Summary report. Then, click on the execution log entry that you want to view.

This will open a new tab in your browser with the log details. You can also download the log file by clicking on the download icon next to the execution log entry.

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