Liveperson Alternatives You Need To Know Of 2022

There are a lot of reasons why you might be looking for a Liveperson alternative. Maybe you’re not happy with the service, or maybe you’re just looking for something different. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of other options out there that can provide you with the same or similar services.

Top Alternatives to LivePerson

  • Intercom.
  • Userlike.
  • Zendesk Support Suite.
  • Drift.
  • LiveChat.
  • Freshdesk.
  • LiveAgent.
  • Salesforce Service Cloud.

If you’re looking for a Liveperson alternative, there are several options available. One popular option is Zendesk Talk, which offers similar features and functionality to Liveperson. Another option is Chatfuel, which is a chatbot platform that can be used to create custom chatbots for your website or app.

There are also many other chatbot platforms and services available, so be sure to shop around and find the one that best meets your needs.


Zendesk is a cloud-based customer service software company that was founded in 2007. The company provides software for businesses to track, prioritize, and solve customer support tickets. Zendesk also offers a live chat tool and a knowledge base product.

The company has over 100,000 customers in 140 countries, including AirBnB, Box, Honda, Instagram, Twitter, and Vine. In 2014, the company had revenue of $76.4 million and was profitable.


What is livechat? Livechat is a feature that allows you to chat with a customer service representative in real time. This can be helpful if you have a question or issue that needs to be addressed right away.

How do I use livechat? To use livechat, simply click on the “livechat” button on the website of the company you’re dealing with. This will open up a chat window where you can type in your question or problem.

A customer service representative will then respond and help resolve your issue.


An intercom is a communication system that allows two or more people to talk to each other from different locations. Intercoms can be used in a variety of settings, including homes, businesses, schools, and hospitals. There are several types of intercoms available on the market today.

The most common type is the wired intercom, which uses a standard telephone line to connect the two units. Wireless intercoms are also available and use radio waves to communicate between the units. Intercoms can be used for a variety of purposes, such as keeping in touch with family members while you are away from home, communicating with employees in different parts of a business, or even monitoring activity in your home or office.

Whatever your needs may be, an intercom can help you stay connected with those who matter most to you.


If you are looking for a cloud-based customer support software, then you should definitely check out Freshdesk. It is one of the most popular help desk software solutions on the market and it offers a wide range of features that can benefit any business. With Freshdesk, you can provide excellent customer service and support, streamline your operations, and boost your bottom line.

Liveperson Vs Nuance

If you’re looking for a customer service chatbot, you may be wondering whether to choose Liveperson or Nuance. Both platforms offer AI-powered chatbots that can help you automate customer service. So which one is right for your business?

Here’s a comparison of Liveperson and Nuance: Features: Liveperson offers a more comprehensive set of features than Nuance.

For example, Liveperson offers live chat (of course), as well as bots, messaging, and engagement tools. This means you can use Liveperson to provide a complete omnichannel customer service experience. Nuance only offers bots and messaging, so if you’re looking for live chat support, you’ll need to look elsewhere.


Nuance is more expensive than Liveperson, but it’s important to keep in mind that Nuance’s pricing is subscription-based while Liveperson’s is usage-based. This means that with Nuance, you’ll pay a fixed monthly fee regardless of how much or how little you use the platform.

With Liveperson, you’ll only pay for the minutes of chat time used (plus any additional features you add on). So if your customer service needs are unpredictable or vary month-to-month, usage-based pricing from Liveperson could end up being more cost effective in the long run. Ease of Use:

Both platforms are fairly easy to use, but we give the edge to Liveperson here. That’s because with Nuance, there’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to creating your chatbot flows (the order in which customers are taken through your bot conversation). With Liveperson, there’s no such thing – setting up your bot conversations is simple and straightforward.


“Drift” is a term used to describe the process of slowly moving away from something over time. In the context of driving, drift refers to losing traction and sliding sideways, usually around a turn. Drift can also be used as a verb, meaning to move slowly and steadily in a particular direction.

While drifting is often associated with fast cars and racing, it’s actually possible to drift any vehicle – even a shopping cart! The key is to have smooth, controlled inputs on the steering wheel and gas pedal (or brake pedal, if you’re going downhill). Drifting takes practice and isn’t always easy, but it can be incredibly fun once you get the hang of it.

And who knows? You might even find yourself impressing your friends next time you hit the roads.


Userlike is a live chat software that helps businesses provide excellent customer service. It is easy to use and offers a variety of features, making it the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. With Userlike, you can offer live chat on your website, Facebook page, or mobile app.

You can also use it to send automated messages, create customer surveys, and track performance.

Is Live Person Legit?

Yes, LivePerson is a legitimate company. It is a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq stock exchange (ticker: LPSN) and has been in business since 1995. The company provides customer service and engagement solutions to businesses of all sizes.

LivePerson’s platform helps businesses communicate with their customers via chat, email, and voice. The company also offers artificial intelligence-powered chatbots and live agent services.

What is Liveengage?

LiveEngage is a cloud-based customer engagement platform that enables businesses to proactively manage one-to-one conversations with their customers across multiple channels. The platform includes a powerful set of features and tools that help businesses attract, engage and retain customers. It also provides insights that businesses can use to improve the customer experience.

Some of the key features of LiveEngage include:

  • Multi-channel support: The platform supports multiple channels including web chat, SMS, email, social media and more. This allows businesses to engage with customers on their preferred channel.
  • Proactive engagement: The platform includes features that allow businesses to proactively engage with customers. For example, they can send targeted messages to specific groups of customers based on their behavior or profile data.
  • Rich customer profiles: The platform collects rich data about each customer which businesses can use to segment them into different groups or target them with personalized messages.
  • Powerful analytics: The platform provides detailed insights about the customer journey and how interactions are impacting business results.

What is Liveperson Com Used For?

LivePerson is a publicly traded technology company headquartered in New York City. It provides artificial intelligence-powered chatbots and human Messaging tools to businesses across a range of industries. In addition to its flagship engagement platform, LiveEngage, LivePerson offers a number of other products and services including:

  • Conversational AI: This is the technology that powers LiveEngage, allowing businesses to automate customer interactions and free up agents to handle more complex inquiries.
  • One-to-one Messaging: This allows businesses to have real-time conversations with customers through SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, and more.
  • Messenger Bots: These are automated chatbots that can handle simple customer queries freeing up agents to focus on more complex issues. LivePerson also offers a number of other products and services such as an analytics suite, workforce management tools, and consulting services.

What is Liveperson Platform?

LivePerson is a public company that develops and sells conversational commerce solutions. Its platform allows businesses to use artificial intelligence to communicate with customers in natural language through messaging applications, chatbots, and live chat. LivePerson was founded in 1995 by Rob LoCascio.

The company went public in 2000, and LoCascio has been CEO since then. In 2018, LivePerson had annual revenue of $357 million and a market capitalization of $3 billion. It has about 1,700 employees in offices around the world.

LivePerson | Top 15 Alternatives of LivePerson


If you’re looking for a Liveperson alternative, there are several options available. One option is to use a chatbot service like Chatfuel or Botengine. Another option is to use a live chat service like Olark or Purechat.

And finally, you could always hire a virtual assistant to handle your customer support needs.

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