What Tools Are Similar Of Factiva Alternatives 2022

Top Alternatives & Competitors to Factiva

  • Meltwater.
  • D&B Hoovers.
  • ZoomInfo SalesOS.
  • Cision Communications Cloud.
  • Demandbase Sales Intelligence Cloud.
  • Mention.

There are a number of alternatives to Factiva, some of which are free and some of which are paid. One popular free alternative is Google News, which offers a customizable newsfeed and allows users to search for specific topics or keywords. Another option is News360, which also offers a personalized newsfeed and has apps for both iOS and Android devices.

Paid alternatives to Factiva include LexisNexis and ProQuest. Both of these platforms offer extensive databases of articles from a variety of sources, as well as powerful search tools.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Factiva, there are a few options out there. One option is ProQuest Newsstand, which offers access to over 5,000 news sources from around the world. Another option is NewsBank, which provides access to over 8,000 news sources.

And finally, LexisNexis Academic offers access to over 15,000 news sources. All of these options provide similar features and functionality as Factiva, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Meltwater Reviews

Meltwater Reviews is an online review platform that helps businesses track, monitor, and manage their online reviews. The platform provides businesses with the ability to collect customer feedback, analyze sentiment, and take action on negative reviews. Meltwater Reviews also offers a suite of tools to help businesses engage with their customers and promote positive reviews.

Nexis Newsdesk Media Monitoring

Nexis Newsdesk is a powerful media monitoring tool that can help you keep track of the latest news and information about your company, industry, or competitors. With Nexis Newsdesk, you can quickly and easily search for news articles from over 60,000 sources worldwide. You can also set up custom alerts to be notified when new articles are published that match your specific criteria.

In addition, Nexis Newsdesk offers a variety of ways to analyze and visualize your search results, so you can quickly find the most relevant information.


If you’re in the business of finding people or researching companies, then you know all about LexisNexis. But if you’re new to the game, then let us give you a quick rundown of what this powerful research tool can do. LexisNexis is a massive online database that gives users access to billions of public and private records.

That includes everything from news articles and court documents to corporate filings and real estate data. In short, if there’s something out there that’s worth knowing, chances are it’s in LexisNexis. So what does that mean for you?

Well, if you need to find someone or dig up dirt on a company, LexisNexis is an invaluable resource. Just enter a name or keyword into the search bar and see what comes back. You might be surprised at how much information is out there – and how easily accessible it is.

Of course, all this power comes at a price. A subscription to LexisNexis can cost hundreds of dollars per month – but believe us when we say it’s worth every penny.

Does Meltwater Track Linkedin

Meltwater does track LinkedIn, but it’s important to understand how and why in order to get the most out of the data. When you set up a Meltwater account, you have the option to connect your LinkedIn account. By doing this, Meltwater can collect public information about your connections and their professional activity.

This data is then available in the “Insights” section of your account. The advantages of having LinkedIn data in Meltwater are two-fold. First, it allows you to quickly see what people in your network are talking about and second, it provides an easy way to contact them directly through LinkedIn messenger.

However, there are some disadvantages to consider as well. The first is that not all information from LinkedIn will be tracked by Meltwater. For example, if someone changes their job title or location, this won’t be updated in Meltwater unless they also update their LinkedIn profile.

Another disadvantage is that because Meltwater relies on public information from LinkedIn, anything that isn’t shared publicly (such as messages or posts) will not be available in Meltwater. So if you’re looking for more detailed insights into what people are saying on LinkedIn, you may want to consider other options such as using a dedicatedLinkedIn tracking tool.

Meltwater Products

Meltwater provides a suite of tools to help organizations with their marketing, public relations, and business intelligence needs. Their flagship product is Meltwater News, which helps users track online conversations and news about their brand or industry. Other products in the suite include Meltwater Social, Meltwater Insights, and Meltwater Engage.

Meltwater was founded in 2001 by Jorn Lyseggen, who is currently the CEO. The company has over 700 employees across 30 countries. They are headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in New York City, London, Oslo, Berlin, Sydney, Mumbai, Johannesburg, and Beijing.

D&B Hoovers

D&B Hoovers is a business research and analysis tool provided by Dun & Bradstreet. It offers users access to information on over 85 million companies worldwide, including company profiles, financials, news, and more. Hoovers also provides tools for sales and marketing professionals, such as lead generation and email list building.

Meltwater Pricing

Meltwater offers a variety of pricing plans to fit the needs of any size business. The most basic plan, Social Media Essentials, starts at $49 per month. This plan includes access to social media monitoring and reporting features.

The next level up is the Professional Plan, which starts at $99 per month. This plan adds features like competitor analysis and influencer identification. For businesses that need even more robust tools, Meltwater offers an Enterprise Plan.

Pricing for this top-tier plan begins at $499 per month. Enterprise users get access to all of the platform’s features, plus dedicated account management and support.


Meltwater is water that has been melted, usually from snow or ice. It can also refer to the act of melting water, or to the resulting pool of water. When snow and ice melt, they release what is known as latent heat.

This is the energy that was used to change the state of the water from a solid to a liquid. The process of melting itself doesn’t require any additional energy – it’s simply a matter of reversing the process that froze the water in the first place. Once melted, water is less dense than either ice or snow, so it tends to float on top of these materials.

This can create problems when trying to melt large amounts of ice, as the heat will be conducted away by the melting water before it has a chance to penetrate into the ice below. One way around this problem is to use salt. When added to water, salt lowers its freezing point, meaning that it can remain liquid at lower temperatures than pure water.

This same property also causes salt to melt ice more quickly than plain water would. Another consideration when dealing with meltwater is its purity. Snow and ice are often thought of as being clean and pure, but in reality they can contain all sorts of pollutants and impurities picked up from the atmosphere or deposited on their surfaces from other sources.

These contaminants can end up in rivers and streams when the snow melts, leading to pollution problems downstream.

What is Factiva Good For?

Factiva is a market-leading news and business information platform that helps organizations drive growth and manage risk. It offers users access to an unparalleled wealth of high-quality content from over 33,000 sources, including 8,000 premium sources not available on any other platform. Factiva provides users with the ability to quickly find, analyze and act on the most relevant information for their business needs.

Factiva delivers the world’s most comprehensive and authoritative news database – more than 2.5 million new articles are added every day from 3,500+ publications in 28 languages from 190 countries. In addition to global news coverage, Factiva also includes industry-specific newswires, trade publications, blogs, Web sites, transcripts, company reports and competitive intelligence – making it an invaluable resource for researchers across all industries. Factiva’s extensive archive dates back to 1984 and contains billions of articles from tens of thousands of publications worldwide – providing users with valuable historical perspective on current events as well as trends over time.

Is Factiva Dow Jones?

No, Factiva is not Dow Jones. Factiva is a news and business information provider owned by Reuters. Dow Jones is a financial information company that provides data on stock markets, commodities, bonds, and currencies.

Who Uses Factiva?

Factiva is a global news and business information provider that combines content from more than 30,000 authoritative sources with sophisticated search and discovery tools. It is used by professionals in a wide range of industries, including banking, consulting, media, law and academia. Factiva provides access to a wealth of content, including:

  • Full-text articles from over 8,000 publications worldwide
  • Broadcast transcripts from leading TV and radio networks
  • Company dossiers on over 80 million public and private companies
  • News photos from major photo agencies such as Reuters and Getty Images Factiva’s clients include some of the world’s largest organizations, such as Deloitte, HSBC, The Guardian newspaper and the BBC.

Is Factiva a Search Engine?

Factiva is a news and business information search engine that allows users to access a wide range of content from over 32,000 sources. The platform includes news, company financials, market research reports, and more. Factiva was launched in 1999 by Dow Jones & Company and Reuters Group.

Setting up your Company Radar


When it comes to business intelligence and news research, Factiva is one of the most popular platforms. However, it can be expensive for some users. If you’re looking for alternatives to Factiva, there are a few options available.

One alternative is NewsBank. This platform offers a variety of business and news resources, including access to over 8,000 publications. NewsBank also offers a pay-per-use option for those who don’t need unlimited access.

Another alternative is Questia. Questia provides users with access to over 1 million books and articles on a variety of topics. In addition to business and news resources, Questia also has a large selection of academic journals.

Questia also offers a pay-per-use option for those who don’t need unlimited access.

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