Capital Iq Alternatives & Competitors For 2022

There are many different types of financial analysis software on the market these days. Some people swear by Quicken, while others prefer Microsoft Money or even Mint. But for serious investors and traders, Capital IQ is the gold standard.

Top 10 Alternatives to S&P Capital IQ Platform

  • Bloomberg Terminal.
  • Refinitiv Eikon.
  • Sentieo.
  • PitchBook.
  • FactSet Research Management.
  • AlphaSense.
  • YCharts.
  • FactSet Data Feeds.

Capital IQ offers an amazing suite of tools for analyzing companies, industries, markets, and economies. It’s used by investment banks, hedge funds, and other financial firms all over the world. But it’s not cheap – a subscription can cost several thousand dollars per year.

So what are the alternatives to Capital IQ? If you’re looking for similar functionality but don’t want to spend that much money, there are a few options worth considering…

If you’re looking for alternatives to Capital IQ, there are plenty of options out there. Here are just a few:

  • Bloomberg Terminal: Bloomberg is one of the most popular financial data providers in the world, and their terminal product is packed with features. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it if you need comprehensive market data.
  • Thomson Reuters Eikon: Eikon is another top-tier financial data provider, and their product offerings are very similar to Bloomberg’s. Again, it’s not cheap, but it’s a great option if you need high-quality data.
  • S&P Global Market Intelligence: S&P Global is a well-known name in the financial world, and their Market Intelligence platform offers a lot of features and functionality.

Free Capital Iq Alternatives

There are many great free alternatives to Capital IQ out there. Here are just a few of our favorites: ValuEngine

  • This site offers a ton of detailed stock analysis, including valuation models, price targets, and recommendations.
  • Zacks provides in-depth research reports on stocks, mutual funds, and more. They also have a great mobile app.
  • Yahoo!’s finance site is a go-to for many investors. In addition to stock quotes and news, they offer comprehensive data on companies’ financials.

Capital Iq for Individual Investors

If you’re an individual investor looking for information on a publicly traded company, you’ll want to check out Capital IQ. This financial analysis platform provides detailed data on more than 30,000 companies worldwide, including key metrics, analyst ratings, and real-time news. Capital IQ is a powerful tool for due diligence and investment research.

With its easy-to-use interface, you can quickly pull up information on any public company. The platform also offers sophisticated tools for analyzing financial data. And if you’re looking for expert opinions on a particular stock, Capital IQ’s analyst ratings are a great place to start your research.

S&P Capital Iq

S&P Capital IQ is a premier provider of financial and investment information. They offer an extensive array of products and services that cater to the needs of individual investors, financial professionals, and institutions. Their products include stock reports, analyst research, data tools, news feeds, and more.

They also offer a variety of subscription-based services that give users access to their comprehensive database of financial information. Whether you’re looking for basic stock data or in-depth analysis, S&P Capital IQ has the resources you need to make informed investment decisions. If you’re new to investing, their website offers a wealth of educational articles and tutorials on topics such as choosing stocks, diversifying your portfolio, and understanding risk.

For more experienced investors, their analysts provide insightful commentary on the latest market developments. And for those who want to stay ahead of the curve, their real-time news feed delivers breaking stories as they happen. No matter what your level of experience or expertise, S&P Capital IQ can help you take your investing game to the next level.

So why not give them a try today?

Capital Iq Certification

If you’re looking to get ahead in the financial world, then acquiring a Capital IQ certification is a great way to do it. This globally recognized credential can help you land a job at a top investment bank or financial institution, and open up new opportunities for career advancement. The Capital IQ certification program consists of four levels of exams, each progressively more difficult.

To earn your certification, you must pass all four exams within two years. The first level covers basic concepts such as accounting and finance, while the second level delves into more advanced topics like valuation and financial modeling. To study for the Capital IQ exams, there are plenty of resources available online and through your employer (if they offer tuition reimbursement).

Kaplan offers an intensive prep course that covers all four levels of the exam, and there are also practice tests available to help you gauge your progress. Once you’ve passed all four exams and earned your Capital IQ certification, make sure to add it to your resume and LinkedIn profile – it will definitely give you a competitive edge in today’s job market!


Factset is a provider of financial data and analytics for investment professionals. Founded in 1978, Factset has more than 3,200 employees worldwide. The company offers a range of products and services including data on more than 700,000 companies, economic indicators, and securities.

Factset also provides research tools and portfolio analysis tools to help investment professionals make informed decisions.

Capital Iq Alternatives


Is Factset Better Than Capital Iq?

There is no easy answer when it comes to deciding whether FactSet or Capital IQ is the better platform. Both offer a variety of features and benefits that could make either one the right choice for your specific needs. In order to make a decision, it’s important to understand the key differences between the two platforms.

FactSet offers more in-depth analysis and customizability than Capital IQ. With FactSet, you can create custom reports with the exact data you need, while Capital IQ limits you to its own preset reports. FactSet also offers superior Excel integration, allowing you to quickly and easily pull data into spreadsheets for further analysis.

However, this customization and flexibility comes at a higher price point than Capital IQ. Capital IQ offers many of the same features as FactSet, but at a lower price point. It also has some unique features, such as social media monitoring and event-driven research alerts.

So if price is your main concern, Capital IQ may be the better platform for you. But if you need more customization and flexibility in your data analysis, then FactSet is probably the better choice.

Do Investment Banks Use Capital Iq?

Yes, investment banks do use Capital IQ. This is a financial analysis and research platform that provides users with access to data on global companies, industries, markets, and economies. Investment banks use this platform to conduct due diligence on potential investments, track existing investments, and generate ideas for new opportunities.

Is Capiq Reliable?

Yes, CapIQ is a reliable source of information for investors. It is important to remember that no single source of information is 100% accurate, but CapIQ comes close. Here are some reasons why:

  • CapIQ uses data from multiple sources, including company filings, SEC Edgar database, and proprietary databases. This helps to ensure that the information is as accurate as possible.
  • The team at CapIQ is constantly updating and verifying the data to make sure it is correct.
  • There is a quality control process in place to check for errors. Overall, CapIQ is one of the most reliable sources of information for investors looking for detailed and accurate data on publicly traded companies.

How Do I Find a Comparable Company on Capiq?

If you’re looking for information on how to find a comparable company on Capital IQ, there are a few different methods you can use. The most common approach is to use the “Company Search” function and then click on the “Peers” tab. This will bring up a list of companies in the same industry as the one you’re researching.

Another way to find comparable companies is to use the “Screening & Analysis” tool and then select the “Comps” tab. Here you can specify certain criteria such as industry, market cap, and geographic region to generate a list of comparable companies. Once you have a list of potential peers, it’s important to start evaluating them in order to identify which ones are truly comparable.

This requires looking at a number of factors including financial metrics, business model, growth prospects, etc. It’s also worth considering whether or not the companies are in direct competition with each other. After all, if two companies are fighting for market share in the same space, they’re probably not going to be very similar in terms of financial performance or valuation.

Once you’ve identified a handful of good comps, it’s time to start digging into the numbers. Capital IQ provides extensive financial data on all public companies, so you should have no trouble finding everything you need. Be sure to look at key metrics like revenue growth, margins, EPS growth, and free cash flow.

You can also compare valuation ratios like price-to-earnings (P/E) and enterprise value-to-sales (EV/S). By doing this analysis, you should be able to come up with a pretty good idea of which companies are truly comparable to your target firm.

Capital IQ Alternative for Business Valuation


There are many alternatives to Capital IQ, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Here is a brief overview of some of the most popular options: Bloomberg Terminal: Bloomberg is one of the most popular financial data providers in the world.

Its terminal product is very comprehensive and expensive (around $24,000 per year). However, it does offer a free trial so you can test it out before committing. Thomson Reuters Eikon: Thomson Reuters is another well-known provider of financial data.

Its Eikon product is cheaper than Bloomberg’s offering (around $17,000 per year), but still offers a lot of features and functionality. It also has a free trial period so you can try before you buy. S&P Capital IQ: S&P Capital IQ is a subsidiary of McGraw Hill Financial and offers similar products to Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg.

Its platform costs around $22,000 per year but does offer discounts for multiple users. FactSet Research Systems: FactSet is another major player in the financial data space. Its products are aimed at professional investors and cost around $26,000 per year.

However, it too offers a free trial so you can explore its features before making a commitment.

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