We Tried 7 Best brandverity alternatives [in-Depth Comparison 2022]

BrandVerity is a search monitoring tool that assists you in catching trademark violations and affiliate noncompliance. Furthermore, it ensures complete adherence of your content all across the web.

However, this social media monitoring tool is not an all-in-one solution when it comes to affiliate & conversion tracking, or license management nor does it offer any features for affiliates. Hence, many brands are looking for alternatives to BrandVerity that will accelerate their growth and automate the entire marketing process.

Join us as we uncover some of the best BrandVerity alternatives that will completely transform the way you run your B2B SaaS and digital marketing brands. To give you a better idea, we compared each alternative to BrandVerity.

Quick list of 7 alternatives to brandverity

  1. Brand24
  2. FirstPromoter 
  3. Tapfiliate
  4. Anytrack
  5. Flowhaven
  6. Clickmeter
  7. Integral Ads 


Developed by Micha Sadowski in 2011, Brand24 swiftly became the go-to tool for media monitoring and social listening. Brands use this monitoring tool to track online reputation, enhance sales, and locate new leads. People love Brand24 because it offers automated sentiment analysis.

It searches the entire internet for mentions of your company and sends notifications for both positive and negative comments. This allows firms to protect their online reputation and respond quickly to unsatisfied customers.

Features like hashtag search and analytics allow you to see how far your hashtags spread on social media. Brand24 also provides influence scores, mention statistics, volume of discussion, and many more valuable features.

Brand24 also has a mobile app that gives you access to all of these great features from your phone.

Key Features

  • Outstanding multi-platform monitoring
  • Customized automated sentiment analysis
  • Find partnership opportunities with influencer score
  • Intelligent mention analytics for measuring marketing efforts
  • Hashtag monitoring for enhancing brand reach & reputation

Brand24 vs. BrandVerity 

BrandVerity is primarily known as a paid search monitoring tool with key functions like PPC monitoring, brand compliance, and protection.

Brand24 is more of a social listening tool that assists you in keeping track of your brand online, assessing positive and negative reviews, responding to customers, and discovering possible partners.

Unlike BrandVerity, Brand24 does not offer brand violations and regulatory threat identification. BrandVerity is primarily used by digital marketers and affiliates to ensure policy compliance. Brand24, on the other hand, is utilized by brands to improve their web presence and spread their marketing campaigns. 

BrandVerity does not provide automatic sentiment analysis or influencer detection. Furthermore, Brand24 offers a mobile app that includes all of the social media monitoring tools which BrandVerity doesn’t.

Lastly, BrandVerity is more expensive than Brand24. Their plans begin at $799, whereas Brand24 begins at $39 per month.

Pros of using Brand24
  • Protect online reputation
  • Custom notifications & reports
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Find relevant influencers 
  • Monitor competitor companies
Cons of using Brand24
  • Difficult to filter results
  • Produces spam results


Brand24 provides a 14-day free trial. Following that, you can select one of four plans. Individual is the most affordable option, starting at $39. Then there’s Team, Pro, and Enterprise, which cost $99, $149, and $249, respectively.

Our review of Brand24

We loved the flexibility to stay up to date at all times via the mobile app of Brand24. You can track brand mentions, monitor projects, and respond quickly to sticky situations while on the go. 

Both the website and application have clear & organized dashboards for each task which makes it perfect for beginners. 

Additionally, automated sentiment analysis, in-depth mention monitoring, and dynamic influencer detection set it apart from the rest. These enable you to find opportunities and convert prospects into customers before your competitors.

However, it is not an all-in-one social media management system, and services such as PPC tracking and legal case management aren’t included.

Yet, no other solution offers the same depth of social listening as Brand24. So, if you’re looking for a social listening platform, Brand24 is the way to go.


FirstPromoter is known for tracking, managing, and optimizing referral-based marketing programs for SaaS companies. It was launched by Cioaca Virgil in 2016.

FirstPromoter is the first referral-tracking platform built especially for SaaS businesses. You can set up your business affiliate & referral network in minutes with FirstPromoter. Your affiliates get a branded dashboard on FirstPromoter that helps them to track statistics and distribute referral links.

Another user-friendly feature is the one-click payout method that lets you pay scores of affiliates at once, right from the FirstPromoter dashboard.

Additionally, this product is popular among affiliates and brands due to the two-sided rewards that benefit both your promoters and new customers.

Key Features

  • Track, optimize, and manage referral-based marketing projects
  • Automatic one-click Paypal payouts
  • Swift integration with Stripe, Recurly, Chargebee, and more
  • Automated VAT and non-VAT invoicing
  • Affiliate performance evaluation across seventeen data points

FirstPromoter vs. BrandVerity 

BrandVerity is a search monitoring tool for fraud detection, whereas FirstPromoter performs referral tracking for SAAS enterprises. The latter enables you to easily launch and scale your affiliate initiatives.

BrandVerity offers trademark and policy violation tracking for existing business and affiliate operations. But you can’t set up a new affiliate program with it.

Unlike BrandVerity, FirstPromoter provides affiliate dashboards for payment tracking and link sharing. Affiliates and clients who arrive through them are both rewarded by FirstPromoter. 

This makes FirstPromoter more than just a referral monitoring tool because it strengthens the relationship between the affiliates and the company. 

BrandVerity doesn’t offer any payment system whereas FirstPromoter does. You can pay all your affiliates using the Paypal system while also automatically creating invoices. FirstPromoter is also less expensive than BrandVerity.

While BrandVerity is just an affiliate fraud detection tool, FirstPromoter is an all-in-one affiliate program launching, managing, and tracking platform.

Pros of using FirstPromoter
  • Multi-level reward system
  • Direct & personalized referral link
  • Protection from affiliate fraud
  • Supports over 190 currencies
  • Customizable dashboard for affiliates
Cons of using FirstPromoter
  • No integrated T&C creator
  • No marketplace for searching affiliates


FirstPromoter offers three distinct plans: Starter, Business, and Enterprise. Starter is the most affordable, starting at $49 per month. The prices for Business and Enterprise are $99 and $149+, respectively.

Our review of FirstPromoter

First of all, the customizable integration wizard lets you choose your preferred language and platform while setting up FirstPromoter. This makes setup and integration quite user-friendly.

We also enjoyed the live dashboard, which allowed us to keep track of all referral sales and indicated how we were doing throughout the month. However, the best part is that payments can be made effortlessly and automatically using the Paypal system.

You can also set a refund rate limit to detect fraudulent affiliates and avoid chargebacks and refunds scams. Overall, FirstPromoter allows efficient affiliate-customer acquisition, performance monitoring, campaign success tracking, affiliate payout, and more.

This referral tracking platform offers the best price and best features for B2B SaaS companies making it an excellent solution for both small startups and established businesses.


Tapfiliate is a well-known affiliate tracking tool for E-Commerce and SaaS businesses. It was started in 2014 by Thomas van der Kleij and acquired by Admitad in January 2021. 

Tapfiliate is a platform that allows brands to create, track, and manage their affiliate programs all in one spot. With this program, you can automate most if not all of your affiliate marketing tasks. 

The best thing about Tapfiliate is that it can integrate with over 30 different e-commerce and digital marketing websites. 

To jumpstart your affiliate marketing journey, Tapfiliate has an expert customer service team that can assist you with everything from website integration to affiliate program setup and commission structure development.

Furthermore, Tapfiliate not only helps brands, but also the affiliates that work with them. Affiliates can access all necessary information and analyze their success through a dedicated dashboard laden with features.

Key Features

  • Add affiliates manually, via invite links, SSO, or API
  • Integration with 37 e-Commerce platforms
  • Affiliate autopilot for effortless referral management
  • Access to Admitad network improves brand exposure
  • User-friendly dashboard for affiliates

Tapfiliate vs. BrandVerity 

BrandVerity and Tapfiliate both are affiliate tracking tools. BrandVerity is mainly used for tracking trademark violations done by affiliates. On the other hand, Tapfiliate allows companies to easily and quickly set up and manage affiliate programs. 

While BrandVerity is targeted solely towards brands that are running affiliate or digital marketing, Tapfiliate targets affiliates too. Affiliates get customizable dashboards for tracking their success and reporting mishaps. 

Tapfiliate creates a stronger bond between brand and affiliate by setting rewards such as performance bonuses and team commissions. This, in turn, enhances the company’s popularity and reach. BrandVerity doesn’t offer these benefits. 

BrandVerity starts at $799/month which is way more expensive than Tapfiliate which starts at $49/month. However, the multitude of features does make setting the Tapfiliate dashboard more complex than the BrandVerity one.

Pros of using Tapfiliate
  • Efficient referral & affiliate program setup
  • Intuitive & customizable interface
  • Multiple payment options
  • Automated fraud detection
  • Excellent customer support
Cons of using Tapfiliate
  • Complex setup process
  • Limited language support


Tapfiliate offers four plans: Starter, Essential, Pro, and Enterprise. Starter is a low-cost package that starts at $49 per month. The Essential and Pro packages cost 89 and 149 dollars, respectively. The Enterprise package is fully configurable, and the pricing is determined by your requirements.

Our review of Tapfiliate

Setting up Tapfiliate might be difficult, and you may need to hire a developer to get the tool where you want it. So consider whether this investment is worthwhile for you. 

Nonetheless, once the system is set up, you can quickly begin recruiting affiliates. You can create beautiful personalized links, banners, images, and posts for your affiliates to promote.

We liked the software’s flexible interface, which allows you to customize everything to your liking. You even get the choice of creating a whole new commission structure or sticking to the preset ones.

The recurring commissions feature makes sure that you don’t have to manually pay all the affiliates and they get paid automatically. 

Moreover, you can join your affiliate network to Admitad Partner Network to have access to over 100K+ active publishers who can boost your brand’s exposure to new heights without any additional effort.


AnyTrack.io is a conversion tracking tool created by Laurent Malka and Moshe Simantov in August 2019. 

This unified conversion tracking tool tracks, attributes, & syncs your conversion data with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, and other analytics platforms effortlessly. 

The best thing about AnyTrack is that simply adding their TAG onto your website can start showing conversions appear throughout the marketing stack. 

Accomplish all this by adding a single line of code without rewriting existing code or employing a developer. Additionally, this solution includes both server and client-side tracking for ensuring that you track all touchpoints. Whether conversions occur on the website, via call tracking, affiliate network, or offline, AnyTrack tracks all of them.

That’s not all, this all-in-one conversion platform offers one-click integration, autotrack, and real-time audience tracking for scaling your business to new heights.

Key Features

  • Integrated pipelines for conversion, attribution, and audience data
  • Direct integrations to Google and Facebook analytics
  • Ad pixel and AI for truly data-driven marketing
  • Send conversion data to 1000+ business apps
  • Next-level marketing orchestration and automation

AnyTrack vs. BrandVerity 

There is little similarity between BrandVerity and AnyTrack. The first is a paid search monitoring tool, while the second is a conversion tracking and attribution tool. 

BrandVerity only keeps track of your brand or keyword mentions and whether your affiliates follow trademark policy. In case of violation, BrandVerity notifies and assists you in taking appropriate action. 

AnyTrack on the other hand automatically tracks customers who visit your website, click CTAs, or make transactions. The data is then converted and sent to the marketing and analytics platforms of your choosing. 

AnyTrack also provides real-time insights into your conversion data and standardizes them for use across ad networks. 

None of these functionalities are available with BrandVerity. The only terms where we can compare the two are the ease of setup and pricing. In both of which, AnyTrack wins as it requires the simplest setup and pricing is far more affordable than BrandVerity.

Pros of using AnyTrack
  • Simple and swift setup
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Tracking affiliate network
  • One-click integration with analytics
  • Real-time insight into conversion data
Cons of using AnyTrack
  • Doesn’t offer quick support
  • 1 pixel/ad limits flexibility


AnyTrack’s Basic subscription starts at $50 per month. The Personal plan designed for small teams starts at $150/month. The Advanced plan starts at $300 per/month.

Our review of AnyTrack

Even marketers with zero tech knowledge can set up AnyTrack as it includes complete documentation and requires only a single line of code. Also, AnyTrack is a lightweight software so no more worries about your site slowing down. 

Another outstanding feature of AnyTrack is the well-organized dashboard with comprehensive view of all data in a single glance. Additionally, you can create custom audiences for campaigns with conversion data you receive, making remarketing efforts more efficient.

We also liked its flexible pricing plan that takes into consideration the needs of individuals, small businesses, and multinational corporations.

Overall, AnyTrack will be ideal for performance marketers who deal with both on-site and third-party conversion. However, if you primarily run on popup traffic or heightened push notifications, AnyTrack won’t work for you.


Kalle Törmä, Jess Trinca, and Timo Olkkola founded the Finnish license management platform Flowhaven in 2016. Flowhaven, built on the leading CRM platform Salesforce, allows managers to automate every stage of the brand licensing process. 

With this, licensing experts can easily handle the operations required to run and expand their businesses, such as maintaining contract data, smooth design collaboration, collecting and analyzing sales & royalty reports, etc.

It is designed for helping businesses such as sports, television, film, manufacturers, and others in managing brand licensing activities. It also provides asset management capability, allowing administrators to share and track assets with various users from different departments. 

You also get to enjoy secure data storage, customized dashboard, mobile access, task automation, workflow guides, as well as navigation tools.

Key Features

  • Access via web and mobile platform
  • Effortless centralization & sharing of brand assets
  • Predefined templates for creation & verification of custom agreements
  • Royalty reporting for automating, streamlining, & tracking revenue
  • Automated database holding all licensing interactions

Flowhaven vs. BrandVerity 

Flowhaven is a user-friendly licensing suite for tracking design progress, managing finances, and collaborating with partners. It automates the licensing process and allows you to focus on more important business aspects. 

However, BrandVerity protects you from trademark and keyword violations done by affiliates & ads. This search monitoring tool doesn’t offer any licensing features.

Unlike BrandVerity, Flowhaven presents automated royalty revenue management with report validation, error solution, partner alert, automated invoice, and more.

What’s more, Flowhaven offers benefits for your partner brands too which BrandVerity doesn’t. Your licensees get to automatically manage the agreements using the agreement management solution.

You can also access all the features of Flowhaven on the go with their android app. BrandVerity doesn’t have any mobile applications.

Pros of using Flowhaven 
  • Outstanding onboarding support
  • Automated royalty tracking
  • Design approval pipeline
  • Automated content management
  • High security cloud platform
Cons of using Flowhaven 
  • Complicated set up 
  • Steep learning curve


The monthly subscription price for Flowhaven starts at $599 per user. Flowhaven subscriptions are all backed by a 30-day money-back warranty.

Our review of Flowhaven 

Licensing agreements vary between deal to deal, and keeping track of all of them can be a nightmare when managing hundreds of license arrangements. This is where Flowhaven comes into play. It can manage all of the complex licensing parameters automatically. Flowhaven caters to everyone, from major brands to small enterprises and everything in between. This software may be customized to meet your specific requirements, allowing you to design systems that raise revenues, save time, and help you grow your organization.

With Flowhaven, licensors and agents can handle all operations required to execute a successful licensing process, including content and account administration, royalty reports, design approvals, and industry-level security.

However, the learning curve for both you and your licensees in setting up the system and adapting to the new licensing procedure can be steep.


Davide De Guz created ClickMeter in 2012 as a 4-in-1 digital marketing solution. It offers traffic routing and links, affiliates & conversion tracking features all in one place. It assists you in determining which of your marketing channels or advertisements is the most effective. With this knowledge, you may make smarter investments of your time and money. ClickMeter generates tracking links that can be shared on the internet. You may also use it to build customized marketing links for your company. When someone clicks on your tracking link, they will be directed to your website. During this process, ClickMeter collects critical data and generates real-time marketing reports.

Furthermore, you can track and optimize your site’s conversion rate by specifying where you would like ClickMeter to direct your customers.

With ClickMeter, you get to gather all of your statistics and track all of your clicks and conversions in one location, allowing you to combat click-fraud.

Key Features

  • Choose from 11 efficient redirecting options
  • Compatible with Google analytics
  • Track links, affiliates, and conversions in one platform
  • Tracking pixels for determining the success of web pages and ads
  • Target and segment link visitors towards high-converting pages

Clickmeter vs. BrandVerity 

The main difference between BrandVerity and ClickMeter is that while the former only offers paid search monitoring, the latter provides affiliate, link, and conversion tracking on the same platform. 

ClickMeter has features for agencies, affiliates, advertisers, and publishers. BrandVerity only targets agencies and allows them to track their ads, keywords, and affiliates along with tracking policy violations.

In ClickMeter, agencies can monitor & track campaigns, identify which campaigns are successful through conversion tracking, prevent bot clicks, and share reports with clients in real-time. But BrandVerity doesn’t offer any real-time contact with clients or affiliates. 

Moreover, ClickMeter allows you to cloak affiliate links, generate vanity links, perform A/B tests, and ward off bots to increase the overall conversion rates and enhance affiliate marketing SEO none of which BrandVerity offers.

While BrandVerity is targeted towards a single set of clients, ClickMeter has over 100 features for the whole digital marketing community.

Pros of using ClickMeter
  • Effortless monitoring & tracking
  • Advanced traffic routing
  • Multiple click identification
  • Comes with over 100 features
  • Strict privacy policy
Cons of using ClickMeter
  • Interface isn’t user-friendly
  • Compatibility issues outside Google & Firefox


Clickmeter offers 3 plans: Medium, Large, and X-Large. Medium is the lowest-cost package that starts at $19/month. The Large is regarded as the best value package as it offers tons of more features at $99/month. The premium package X-Large starts at $349/month.

Our review of ClickMeter

For all the features it offers, ClickMeter is quite affordable as it starts a $19/month. However, if you surpass the monthly event limit, you will need to upgrade programs. 

If you do not, your links will continue to be redirected, but you will be unable to access reporting, tracking, or monitoring.

This can be troublesome when working with multiple clients and having an irregular flow of events. Furthermore, the additional effort and cost of upgrading and downgrading might add up.

However, if this isn’t an issue, we recommend that you try ClickMeter. 

It is simple to set up and has an easy-to-use menu system. Robust features such as vanity links, retargeting, tracking pixels, and split-testing will boost your business growth.

Integral Ad Science

Integral Ad Science, formerly known as “AdSafe Media,” was formed in 2009 by developers Will Luttrell, Foster Provost, Helene Monat, Bryan St. John, Kent Wakeford, and Josh Attenberg.

It is essentially an online ad verification platform that allows digital buyers & sellers to verify the integrity of digital advertising over various channels and offers optimization tools.

IAS is most renowned for assessing the value of internet ad placements among media buyers and sellers, as well as resolving viewability, fraud, and brand security issues. 

They developed an ad quality measurement system called TRAQ or True Advertising Quality. This score can be used to evaluate ad value, brand safety, ad fraud, page content and structure, and more. 

Overall, IAS provides cutting-edge digital advertising solutions that are meant to keep you ahead of the competition. 

Key Features

  • Multi-pronged strategy for ad fraud identification
  • Quality Attention ensures optimal viewability
  • Automated Tag reduces operational overhead
  • Accessible on desktop, mobile, video, CTV, and social media
  • Context Control Targeting for reaching out to target customer

Integral Ad Science vs. BrandVerity 

Integral Ad Science is a platform for ensuring that your ads are viewable by real people in safe and suitable environments. For achieving this, they utilize tools integrating artificial intelligence and natural language processing. 

BrandVerity keeps track of your brand mentions and paid advertising to ensure they are not used by affiliate frauds. But it doesn’t ensure that your viewers are human nor do they offer so many different solutions.

IAS mainly creates products for agencies, marketers, media sellers and programmatic players whereas BrandVerity only targets digital marketing brands.

What’s more, IAS offers their solutions for mobile and in-app usage which BrandVerity doesn’t. BrandVerity only has website dashboard access.

Pros of using Integral Ad Science
  • Prevent online ads fraud
  • Reach ideal consumers easily
  • Simple & self-explanatory interface
  • Ensure safety & suitability of brand
  • Innovative ad viewability features
Cons of using Integral Ad Science
  • Complicated reporting system
  • Not suitable for small businesses


Integral Ad Science is partially open source. In 2016, they made their mobile verification SDK for measuring media quality open source.

However, they do not provide pricing information for the remainder of their solutions. To obtain current pricing, please contact Integral Ad Science.

Our review of Integral Ad Science

IAS is a reliable all encompassing solution for protecting and expanding your brand throughout all media platforms. The use of AI and data science makes their verification algorithms smarter and faster than other solutions. 

We liked the security and adaptability that IAS provides, particularly how they guard your campaigns with surgical precision and spot risks as they occur. Advertisers and businesses gain control over their media investments, while publishers may enhance the value of their stock. 

The best thing about IAS is that it not only assists brands in detecting fraud but also provides them with technology to safeguard their advertising investment.

Furthermore, because IAS is open source, you can enjoy these great technological solutions without investing hundreds of dollars.


1. What Is BrandVerity Used For?

BrandVerity is a paid search monitoring service that tracks trademark and partnership violations and takes action against fraudulent affiliates and websites.

2. Does BrandVerity Provide API?

Yes, BrandVerity provides an API.


If you loved using BrandVerity but want something better, try FirstPromoter. This application will take your SaaS business to the next level with its exceptional referral tracking and affiliate management features.

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