Top Agilone Alternatives & Competitors in 2022

When it comes to retail customer data management, there are few companies that can match Agilone. However, this doesn’t mean that Agilone is the only game in town. There are a number of other companies that offer similar solutions, and in many cases, these alternatives may be a better fit for your needs.

Here’s a look at three of the most popular Agilone alternatives.

There are a few Agilone alternatives out there, but not many that can offer the same comprehensive solution. Here are a few other options to consider:

  • BlueConic – BlueConic is a customer data platform that helps you unify your data and personalize your marketing efforts across all channels.
  • Segment – Segment is a customer data platform that makes it easy to collect, clean, and control your customer data.
  • mParticle – mParticle is a customer data platform that helps you manage and understand your customer data in one place.

What are Some Good Agilone Alternatives

Agilone is a cloud-based marketing platform that enables retailers and brands to collect, analyze, and act on customer data to drive personalized omnichannel marketing campaigns. It offers a suite of tools for segmentation, campaign management, reporting, and more. While Agilone is a great marketing platform, it may not be the best fit for every business.

Here are some alternatives to Agilone that you may want to consider:

  • Optimove: Optimove is a cloud-based customer retention software that helps brands increase customer lifetime value and improve retention rates. It offers features such as predictive modeling, campaign management, automated workflows, and more.
  • Sailthru: Sailthru is a cloud-based email marketing platform that helps brands automate their email campaigns and personalize their messages for each individual subscriber. It offers features such as behavioral targeting, automatic A/B testing, real-time analytics, and more.
  • Klaviyo: Klaviyo is an AI-powered email marketing platform that helps online businesses automate their email campaigns and target their subscribers with highly personalized messages based on their individual behavior and interests. It offers features such as real-time segmentation, dynamic content blocks, abandoned cart emails, and more.

What are the Pros And Cons of Using an Agilone Alternative

Agilone is a cloud-based marketing solution that enables marketers to collect, analyze, and act on customer data in real time. It offers a suite of tools for managing customer data, including segmentation, attribution, and reporting. Agilone also provides integrations with popular marketing platforms, such as Salesforce, Adobe Marketing Cloud, and Google Analytics.

While Agilone is a powerful marketing solution, it may not be the right fit for every organization. Here are some pros and cons of using an Agilone alternative:


  • Cost savings: Many Agilone alternatives are less expensive than Agilone, making them more affordable for small businesses and organizations with limited budgets.
  • Customizable features: Some Agilone alternatives offer more customizable features than Agilone, allowing you to tailor the solution to your specific needs.
  • Eeasier to use interface: Some users find the interface of certain Agilone alternatives easier to use than the interface of Agilone itself.

This can make it quicker and simpler to get up and running with the software.

What are Some Things to Consider When Choosing an Agilone Alternative

As the ecommerce landscape continues to evolve, so too must the tools and software solutions that retailers rely on to drive their businesses. Agilone is a well-established player in the retail analytics space, but it may not be the right fit for every company. Here are some things to consider when choosing an Agilone alternative:

  • Company size and scale Agilone is a great solution for enterprises with large scale operations. If your company is smaller or mid-sized, you may want to consider an alternative that can provide similar functionality at a lower price point.
  • Data sources Agilone integrates with a wide range of data sources, making it ideal for companies that have complex data architectures. If your data is simpler or you only need basic reporting and analysis, another solution may be more suitable.
  • Implementation timeline Agilone can take some time to implement due to its complexity. If you’re looking for a quicker implementation, another option might be better suited for your needs.


There are a number of Agilone Alternatives available on the market. However, before making a decision, it is important to understand what each one offers and how they differ from each other. The most popular Agilone Alternatives are HubSpot Sales, Pardot, and Marketo.

HubSpot Sales is a powerful sales CRM that includes features such as contact management, email tracking, and lead scoring. It also offers a free plan for small businesses. Pardot is another popular option that includes similar features to HubSpot Sales.

However, it does not have a free plan and can be more expensive for larger businesses. Marketo is the most expensive option but includes the most features, such as marketing automation, event-based triggers, and advanced segmentation.

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